The absurd and obscene from ancient times

A long-term project about the absurd and obscene moments in ancient mythology and history.

1. Episode I and II about Meleagros
2. The Pompeji-worm
3. The Moira (the three fates)

The first episode about Meleagros was made for Pure Fruit Magazine #15 published by JaJa Verlag.

1. The fire was burning hot in the hearth on the seventh day after the birth of Meleagros... 2. When three ominous figures came to seek out the mother of the child. 3. We are the Moirai and we announce the fate of your son Meleagros. 4. Your son will be a noble man.
5. Your son will be a valiant hero. 6. Your son will live as long as the log on the fire there has not burned yet to ashes.
10. Alas the fateful log rested in a safe hiding place. For now.